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A game-changing data solution for the

In a highly competitive international environment, it's crucial that New Zealand Cricket harnesses modern data and analytics.

The ease of access to standardised data from which we can generate outputs to feed back into training and performance is at a new level.
-Paul Warren, Performance Analysis Manager, NZC

The results


Improved analytics capability

With a standardised data collection process in place, NZC can now access more data sources, align them and achieve a better overview of the various data points available to analyse player performance.

By automating these processes, time spent pulling data together and running reports has been greatly reduced. Instead, this time can be invested in data analysis, extracting relevant insights and passing this on to the coaches and players, who can then use it to inform player selection and game strategie


Scalability and flexibility

The flexibility of the cloud-based environment means the solution is easily scaled to integrate more data and continually gain deeper insights. It can also be easily adopted by other New Zealand Cricket teams, including at a domestic level.

The cloud environment also offers easy access to real-time capabilities and machine learning algorithms. Increased use of analytics across the board will help drive a better standard of cricketer, as well as ensure the best players are guided up the ranks to play at international level.


Understanding opponents

As well as their own historical data NZC has access to data from international teams which they can integrate and store in Azure. They can replicate the analysis used for New Zealand players to those they’re playing against and use this data to influence how they approach the game.

By knowing how an opponent has played previously they can better predict what they’re likely to do, inform players what to look out for and understand how best to play against them.


Informed coaches and players

Accessible data and insights means more relevant information is passed on to coaches and players and key reports are generated automatically as part of the training process. Coaches and players have access to smarter, higher quality output from analysis so they can make more informed decisions for training and match preparation.

Coaches are empowered to ask for more specific information on any aspect of a game, and analysts can easily generate relevant insight to give the team a competitive edge.

Through the automation, standardisation and integration of data, analysts are able to spend more time analysing – and that’s what adds value. The organisation now sees more value from their analysts and are choosing to increase investment in this area.
- Paul Warren, Performance Analysis Manager, NZC
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