Immigration New Zealand

Keeping applicants informed with an automated lead nurture and retention programme.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) serves timely and relevant content to applicants, keeping them informed throughout their decision and relocation journey.

We were really impressed that they took the time to understand our business, find solutions that were tailored to our needs, and keep us involved at every step along the way
- Jonathon Corlett, Principal Advisor, Marketing, INZ
Ubiquity allowed us to benefit from the full power of marketing automation.
- Jonathon Corlett, Principal Advisor, Marketing, INZ

The results

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Work at scale

Marketing automation provides INZ with the opportunity to capture and nurture leads at a scale which would otherwise not be possible.


Relevancy & personalisation

Using data to create personalised communications ensures relevance and a quality customer experience, providing a great first impression of New Zealand.


Understand their needs

The Ubiquity platform allows INZ to understand potential migrants and focus energies on nurturing key occupational groups to ensure New Zealand is a migration destination of choice for those who can add value to the economy.


Local services

The success of the marketing automation programme stems not just from the marketing platform, but has been supported by Qrious marketing automation services around implementation and ongoing best practice.

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