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A modern data platform fit for
the future

Building Les Mills International a modern data platform using Snowflake and Wherescape RED achieved instant value whilst accelerating time to insights.

With the right platform and systems, we could empower our analysts with the capability to readily access data and deliver the insights we’re looking for.
– Casey Toia, Head of Analytics, Les Mills International

Key outcomes


Agility and speed

Data is flowing freely into LMI’s Snowflake platform. Analysts are working faster, more efficiently and saving money.


Business optimisation

Data from multiple sources of the business are combined and contextualised, contributing to multi-dimensional views of performance.


Time to Insight

The lifecycle of planning/delivery to insights has been drastically reduced. The time to insight is now a matter of days not months.


Competitive edge

LMI are now using data to create, understand and optimise their customer experiences. This allows the business to meet and exceed customer expectations and gain a competitive edge.

We have a platform which greatly condenses cost while accelerating time to insights. As we work towards enabling more reporting and insights from Snowflake, we’re shifting from backward to forward-looking.
– Casey Toia, Head of Analytics, Les Mills International
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