Skinny Mobile

How rich customer insights enables targeted customer experiences for Skinny Mobile.

Skinny Mobile partnered with Qrious to increase customer focus and gain insights that give it the edge in marketing that delights customers.

With (customer segment) information we can design products and services which more accurately meet their needs, and also tailor marketing efforts to speak to these customers.
- Ross Parker, GM, Skinny
Having that reporting base line is essential to have a clear and accurate understanding of what is going on in the business.
- Ross Parker, GM, Skinny

The results


Understanding customers

Equipped with the ability to understand far more about customers than ever before, Skinny has changed the way it operates. Skinny were very conscious about churn numbers, but with tourists, they were always going to leave anyway.

By understanding which of their customers were tourists, where they came from and length of stay Skinny was able to maximise the value they deliver to tourists by providing specific packages tailored to their needs.

Qrious_Icons_FullSet_VibrantAqua_Facebok custom audience

Mass customisation

With the ability to understand if a customer is calling a specific region, Skinny can now provide them with a package with makes it inexpensive to chat with family and friends.

Skinny developed the ability to offer something more relevant because of the insights displayed immediately through the Qrious dashboard platform. This is just one example of how data driven insights have changed Skinny’s operations.


Monitoring performance

Qrious provided a variety of tools used by a variety of job roles: sales managers use it to understand the performance of stores before they visit; marketers use it to manage campaigns on the fly.

Skinny can monitor the effect of a campaign in real time. This allows for Skinny to monitor if the campaign is good or bad meaning they can ask why and change things midstream if needed.


Empowering the team

Qrious has empowered Skinny’s people to ask questions about what is happening through delivery insights on data at speed. Insights provide Skinny the ability to do things other companies cannot. It was a fundamental change for Skinny and how they operate.

The team is asking questions they never would have before which is maximising investment returns.

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